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Cedar Boxers custom Kangaroo leads. Made with authentic kangaroo leather from austrailia. All leads have a 150# core inside, and can be made without it at request for TOY BREEDS ONLY. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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Why are our leads better?

Our leads are currently being used on some of the top dogs in the country.


*They are made strong with 150# cores to make sure they will not break on you.


*We braid UNDER the beads. This ensures you have the least stretch possible under your beads keeping them tight for years to come


*We knot around the beads. Many people will just glue the beads somewhere on the lead. This glue does not last and your beads will wander on your lead! You dont need that distraction while showing your dog. We securely knot at the beginning and end of each bead cluster to ensure your beautiful beads stay where they are supposed to!


* We use the best quality products we can find.

-----Our snaps are second to none! Tested in the ring to make sure they stay snapped. Many trigger type snaps will become tangled in the collar or hair of the dog and can actually undo themselves! our snaps are more suited for show collars and will not do this.

-----We search high and low for the perfect beads to compliment the leather colors. Because of this we can custom make any leads you can imagine :) Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!


*We... braid... tight! You'll see many leads in person and on the net that already look stretched out.. This is because they were not braided tightly! They will stretch farther quicker! Make sure when purchasing a roo lead that the workmanship is good. A tight braid will stretch less and last longer!


*We weld all of our knots and joins on the lead. This makes sure that your lead does not come unraveled over the years!!!!


*We personally condition our leads before they come to you! In our pictures you will see the just completed rough braid of the leads. They do not come to you like this. We are so excited after we complete leads we cant wait the 2 days that it takes for proper welding, conditioning and softening that it takes to show you guys what we've got! Contact us if you'd like conditioned photos of any lead.


We do multiple lead order discounts! Contact us if purchasing 3 or more leads! We have a special discount for you!!!!




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