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Why a list like this?

Anyone who has been in dog showing for any amount of time knows that politics ARE a huge part of showing. There is an increasing number of owner handlers being seen out in the rings today, and its important to help each other out! We are very passionate about owner handling and would like to change the boxer from being considered a "handler" breed. While handlers are the better option for many people, some of us truly enjoy showing our own dogs! It is helpful to show to judges that you know are fair and give an honest look at the dogs in the ring. Here is a list we have compiled of judges who have given boxer dogs their fair shot in the ring with professionals present :)

The List

 Class and Color
 points awarded
 Show location, Year
Barbara Alderman
 9-12m Puppy Bitch (flashy rev. brindle)
 WB/BOW (2pts)
 Denver, CO 2011
 Barbara Alderman
 Open Brindle Dog (Flashy Rev. Brindle) 
 WD/BOW (2pts)
 Champaign, IL 2012
 Mary Ann Alston
 6-9m Puppy Dog (Flashy Rev. Brindle) 
 WD (2pts)
 Billings, MT 2009
 Mrs. Joan P. Anselm
 9-12m Puppy Dog (Flashy Rev. Brindle) 
 RWD (To Major)
 Farmington, UT 2009
 Dr. Klaus Anselm
 9-12m Puppy Dog (Flashy Rev. Brindle)
 RWD (To Major)
Judge  Class (and color) Points Awarded Show and Date
Barbara Alderman9-12m puppy Bitch (flashy rev. brindle)WB/BOW (2pts)Denver, CO 2011
 Barbara Alderman Open Brindle dog (flashy rev. brindle) WD/BOW (2pts) Champaign, IL 2012
 Mrs. Mary Ann Alston 6-9m puppy dog (flashy rev. brindle) WD (2 Points) Billings, MT 2009
Mrs. Joan P. Anselm 9-12m puppy dog (flashy rev. brindle) RWD (to major) Farmington, UT 2009
 Dr. Klaus Anselm 9-12m puppy dog (flashy rev. brindle) RWD (to major) Farmington, UT 2009
Albert BerriosPlain Fawn BitchWB/BOS (4pt Major)Palm Springs, CA 2011
 Ms. Irene Bivin 12-18m Bitch (flashy fawn) WB (3pt Major) San Antonio, TX 2004
 David Bolous Open Fawn Dog (Flashy) RWD (to major) Independence, MO 2010
 Donald Booxbaum Open Brindle Bitch (Mostly Plain) WB (5 pt Major) Sioux Falls, SD 2010
 Donald Booxbaum Open Fawn Dog (Plain) WD (3pt Major) Souix Falls SD 2010
 Donald Booxbaum Open Fawn Dog (Plain) WD (3pt Major) Denver, CO 2010
 Donald Booxbaum Open Fawn Bitches (Flashy) WB (2pt) Glen Rose, TX 2005
 Mrs. Mildred K Bryant Open Fawn Dog (flashy) WD/BOW(Major Crossover) Lincoln, NE 2010

Kimberlie Meredith-Cavanna

Mr. Dana Cline
12-18m Bitch (flashy fawn)

6-9m Bitch (Flashy Fawn)
WB (3pt Major)

WB (4pt Major)

Burlington, IA Aug 2011

Des Moines, IA 2014

 Mr. Dana Cline Open Fawn Dog (flashy) RWD (to major) Ohmaha, NE 2010
 Jon R. Cole Open Fawn dog (mostly plain, one sock) RWD (to major) Indolence, MO 2010
 Joanne Dutton Semi Flashy Fawn Dog WD/BOS (5pt Major) Great Falls, MT 2006
Mrs. Robert Forsyth9-12m puppy dog (flashy fawn)WD/BOW (1 pt) 
 Mrs. Jean Fournier 6-9m puppy dog (flashy rev. brindle) RWD (to 4pt major) Twin Falls, ID 2009
Dr. Ralph J. GraffOpen Fawn Dog (flashy fawn)WD/BOW 1pt 
Mr. Joseph Gregory12-18m Dog (flashy fawn)WD/BOW (4pt Major Specialty) 
 Joseph E. Gregory Open Fawn Dog (mostly plain, one sock) WD (3 pt Major) Belleville, IL 2010
 Vincent T. Grosso Open Fawn Dog (mostly plain, one sock) WD (3 pt Major) Joplin, MO 2009
Gene Haupt
Open Fawn Dog (flashy fawn)WD (5pt Major) 
Terri HoustonOpen Fawn Dog (flashy fawn)WD (2pts)Racine, WI 2010
Jean Judy Jury
 Bred By Exhibitor (Flashy Brindle)  WD (5pt Major) Edison, NJ 2012
Vera Kollar9-12m puppy bitch (flashy fawn)WB (3pt Major)Canfield, OH 2010
 Betty Leininger Open Fawn Dog (flashy) WD (2 pts) Independence, MO 2010
Charles Olvis Open Fawn Dog (flashy) RWD (major) Ohmaha, DE 2010
 Ms. Sandy Orr Open Fawn Dog (plain) WD (3pt Major) South Dakota 2009
 Ms. Sandy Orr Open Fawn Dog (plain) WD (3pt Major) Rapid City, SD 2009
Mr. Roger Pritchard9-12m puppy dog (flashy fawn)WD/BOB (over specials 1pt) 
COL Joe Purkhiser
12-18m Bitch (flashy fawn)RWB (3pt Major)
Burlington, IA Aug 2011
 Ms. Nikki Riggsbee 9-12m puppy bitch (flashy fawn) WB (4pt Major) Houston, TX 2004
 Eric J. RingleOpen Brindle Dog (flashy rev. brindle) WD (4 pt Major) Blackfoot, ID 2009
Robert ShreveOpen Brindle Bitch (semi flashy)WB (3pt Major)
Burlington, IA Aug 2011
 Mr. Larry Sinclair 6-9m puppy dog (flashy rev. brindle) WD (2 Points) Billings, MT 2009
Joyce VanekSemi Flashy Fawn DogRWD (4 pt. Major)Coeur D'Alene, ID 2006
Mrs. Chris WalkowiczBred By (Flashy Fawn Bitch NAT. EARS)WB/BOW/BOS (Over Special 2pts)Chicago, IL 2007
 Paul Willhauck Open Fawn Dog (flashy) RWD (4pt. Major) Demoines, IA 2010
 W. WillhaukOpen Fawn Dog (mostly plain, one sock)RWD (4 pt. Major)Des Moines, IA 2010
 Ms. Pamela F. Winter 9-12m puppy dog (flashy rev. brindle) WD (3pt Major) Farmington, UT 2009