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Pupps Pro Fleece now available at Cedar Boxers!

  • 1600 grams density per meter squared
  • 31mm pile
  • Green anti chew back
  • Machine washable
  • Lasts for years!


Purple Pro Fleece

Charcoal Pro Fleece

We use and HIGHLY reccomend pro fleece. We went through thousands of dollars in bedding before profleece. Our dogs would tear it up.. it would wear very quickly and washing it was a pain! It was bulky! But since the switch to profleece.. our bedding is now easy to wash. My older dog stays dry when she dribbles, and most importantly it is VERY durable. I have not had a dog tear up this bedding yet!

 Crate size


Per foot (60" Wide)


 100 (12x18)


 200 (15x22)


 300 (20x26)


 400 (20x30)


 500 (24x36)


 600 (30x42)