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Whelping Supplies

  • Whelping (clickable text with link)

  • Natures Farmacy Calcium Whelping Paste 

  • Calcium for after whelping for bitch. Either one of these :

  • Un-waxed dental floss (for tying off umbilicals if needed)

  • Super 7 OR controlled iodine for umbilicals 

  • Nitrile Gloves

  • KY Jelly

  • Curved Hemostats (dewclaw removal and umbilical)

  • Lots of towels/blankets etc

  • Spray bottle with water for hydrating your bitch

  • Nutrical for energy on bitch

  • Karo syrup for weak puppies

  • Bulb syringe

  • Nose frida for puppies

  • Fading puppy support

  • Puppy bac milk replacer

  • Dr Brown's bottles (premie flow for first week then you can move to level 1 slow flow as needed)

  • Tube feeding (have this on hand you never know when you will have weak puppy or cleft and cannot buy locally 8FR)

  • Miracle syringe for feeding tubes. I also love their miracle nipple sets

  • 22g needles and 3-12cc syringe in case needing to give sub q fluids etc

  • Ringers bag

  • Fresh frozen plasma (i use this on all of my puppies at birth. Needs to be tubed within hours of birth)

  • Puppywarmer and oxygen concentrator. This is a huge investment but it is worth every single penny. If you save one puppy that needs help it pays for itself. I’ve used mine every single litter even just to keep them warm and help dry off between whelping. Must have if whelping bulldogs/frenchies

  • Kane heat mat (Safer than heat lamps but i do also use heat lamps) there are cheaper options but Kane will last you the longest and is the most trusted

  • Safe heat lamps (buy the red brooding bulbs)

  • Whelping box (if money is not an issue i suggest Jonart whelping boxes. If you are looking for something more affordable i love EZ Whelp)

  • Lenny pads (buy a BUNCH of these)

  • Pro fleece liners for whelping box

  • Walmart 4x4 fleece blankets or similar cuts from craft store to line on top of whelping box beddding

  • Primo pads cut to fit your whelping box (will make it water proof and easy to disinfect

Raising Puppies / Weaning

  • Puppy feeding saucer

  • Royal canin starter mousse ( i start with this and do not make mush. Few days of this as a single meal then i go to soaked kibbles then dry)

  • Royal Canin mother/baby dog professional starter (I use medium for both boxers and frenchies* you will have to have a pro account with royal canin to order this)

  • Royal canin medium puppy (Use code NEWPET20 for 20% off)

  • Litter pans (i use concrete mixing pans from Home Depot/lowes./etc and i Dremel out an opening in the side so puppies can get in

  • This is the absolute best litter on the market. 

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